Cardiff fish and chip shop to stay open on Christmas Day to feed the homeless

A fish and chip shop in Cardiff has said it is to open its doors on Christmas Day to offer free food to people who are homeless, elderly or vulnerable.

Victoria Fish Bar, which is situated on Old Church Road in Whitchurch, shared a post on Facebook explaining that they wanted to do something to help those affected by homelessness in the Welsh capital.

“Homelessness has been on a rise in Cardiff and we think we need to make a difference as influential members of this community,” the restaurant wrote.

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“Hence on Christmas Day 12-3pm, we shall be open for all homeless, elderly and vulnerable people, providing free meals to all those who come.”

The chippy stated that its staff realise that “not everybody has the luxury to have a nice warm meal at a loved one’s house with family and friends”, which is why they wanted to try to “emulate such an experience”.

“So to those who are homeless, elderly or vulnerable, come and join us and we can experience this great time together.”

Victoria Fish Bar’s generous initiative has prompted a hugely positive reaction on Facebook, accumulating 14,000 reactions and 13,000 shares.

Several people have praised the establishment for its “kind and thoughtful” course of action.

“Well done guys!! An amazing display of generosity,” one person commented on the post.

“This is so kind. Thank you for helping the people who need it most,” another added.

In August, it was reported that more than 4,000 people in Cardiff had contacted the city’s council for help with homelessness from June 2018 to May 2019.

A spokesperson for homelessness charity Shelter Cyrmu stated that the scale of the people struggling with housing issues in the city was “appalling”.

This year’s Christmas campaign is for The Homeless Fund, which will finance desperately needed services. The campaign will highlight the worst instances of homelessness globally, with money raised going to help homeless projects in London. Click here to donate.

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