Brexit news – live: Corbyn apologises for Labour's disastrous election, as EU warns Johnson over 'strange' statement

Johnson orders ministers to skip Davos summit

Boris Johnson will not attend the annual shindig for international movers and shakers at Davos next month.

The decision has led to speculation at Westminster that the PM wants to distance his “people’s government” from the global elite of financiers and power-brokers who many blame for inequality and instability.

But a source close to Johnson insisted it was just a matter of timing, as the PM will have other issues on his mind when the World Economic Forum gathers in the chic Swiss ski resort from 21-24 January – a week before the scheduled date of Brexit.

The source said:

“The political priority and the focus of the government will be on Brexit and the NHS. That affects decisions on which summits we do and don’t attend. We will be doing a lot of international engagement, including by hosting the COP climate change summit, but our focus is on delivering, not on sipping champagne at Davos.”

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